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The thought of flying is actually insane.

This huge metal object with people inside it defies gravity and helps humans travel around the world.

But the crazier thing is how safe flying is.

Listen to this stat.

“Since 1997, the number of fatal air accidents has been no more than 1 for every 2,000,000,000 person-miles flown, and thus is one of the safest modes of transportation when measured by distance traveled.”

Meanwhile, most of us are driving a car every day.

We probably have less anxiety driving than flying.

Ironically, driving is very dangerous for a human compared to flying.

What is more interesting is that most car accidents happen in a familiar area of a person’s life.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has stated that more than 50 percent of all car crashes happen within 25 miles of drivers’ homes.

Alright - how the heck does this even relate to content.

Great question.

Give me a second.

When pilots are getting ready to fly, they have to go through a full checklist.

There is so many protocols that allow the plane and the pilots to be safe.

Even when a pilot has been flying for 30 years, they still adhere by a process.

Meanwhile, without a checklist... I am assuming you drive without a checklist - we make assumptions and mistakes.

Without a checklist, randomness creeps in which is where danger happens in driving.

Especially in very familiar places, we let our guard down, and that is why so many crashes happen so close to home.

Let’s tie this into content creation and ads.

A lot of times it is easy to go on autopilot and create without a true system.

Many create content without a checklist or protocol they follow every time.

We might know what is working for us as a brand or understand how our content works, but you have to go back to the fundamentals every time to make sure you are effectively leading your marketing.

So I am introducing a new series - Creative Strategy + Production 101.

Over the last few months, I have been rethinking how I write this newsletter.

At times a newsletter felt disjointed from week to week.

So now, I am going to be doing series to have some more structure and deeper learning for you.

I want to start with the basics, because after talking with a lot of brands and founders, I found that this simple process was not in place.

Each week we will break down one step.

  1. Ideation

  2. Production

  3. Launching Ads

  4. Data Review

What to expect?

You will get an extremely long newsletter breaking down exactly how we do things at Goodo Studios and how you can apply this to your own brand in-house or at an agency.

If you think you are an expert, this is still worth a read - I am going so in-depth, there probably will be something new you haven’t seen or heard.

Each newsletter will have additional resources for you to go with the teaching to help implement it in your business.

You will have your whole creative process ready by end of week 4 and will be scaling your ad accounts shortly after.

I am excited to do this series, and I know so many people will find this impactful.

Forward this email to your Slack, Teams (please no), or wherever you are communicate and I want you to get your whole creative team on this email so you can talk about it internally.

I will see you next week.

Keep creating!

Matthew Gattozzi

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