How to Get the Most out of your Content Library

You might be sitting on your next big ad without knowing it

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What’s up friends!

As you wrap up the year, it is time to get organized.

As you dust off some files and content, you might not know you are sitting on a goldmine.

Many brands have a lot of content from customers, influencers, and maybe creative agencies, but most have not extracted the total value out of the assets.

The assets on their own aren’t great ads.

But with some framing, we can make great ads that scale.

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What is framing?

A lot of content is organic content that was not built for ads.

Creating an ad is a little different of a muscle than organic.

So to get good organic content to translate to great ads you need to add framing.

Framing helps anchor the content with creative strategy to transform the content to direct response.

For example, we have a client who had influencer content of them building furniture.

The content was great for organic, but there was no voiceover about the product or brand.

So all we did was mashup a few videos and added a simple voiceover about the brand.

That simple framing allowed us to scale this one video to $50k+ in just a few weeks!

We took videos that already existed and added some simple touches to the videos to help frame it as an ad.

How to frame your content?

1. Look for your top videos

You can look at your organic content or just any ads that have run in the past.

Find ones that have good visuals that show off your product well.

You don’t need any that have a testimonial right now, just focus on the visuals.

2. Add simple touches

Mashup a few videos from customers, then add a voiceover that is simple and to the point about how the product helps a customer.

Add captions and some text on screen.

Create two versions with a different hook to test out messaging.

The flashy, fun thing is to make new ads and concepts.

But sometimes, the most important thing you can do is to find ways to extract value out of the resources you already have.

Take some time to look at your content library - what can be used?

Keep creating!

Matthew Gattozzi

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